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Yes, Auto Galaxy is the place you can find the right vehicle for you.

Auto Galaxy has come to specialize in microbuses, minibuses and driving school vehicles. No other company in Japan can offer the same specialisation. We have a depot in Saitama Prefecture near Tokyo where we always have more than 60 vehicles in our stock. We are confident that we have the right vehicle for you.

Introducing our latest stock

Introducing our latest stock

Auto Galaxy will inform you of the latest stock in our Saitama depot. Though our independent supply source, we have obtained the latest stock (shown above). For inquiries for Japanese made buses; minibuses, microbuses, LPG vehicles and driving school vehicles please see bottom of page.

Seasonal Japan

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How to select a good supplier of Japanese made minibuses, microbuses and driving school vehicles.

There is a big demand for Japanese-made minibuses, microbuses and driving school vehicles, but for the buyers when importing them, they come with a big risk. We sometimes hear that the payment is made, but there is no delivery of the vehicle. Therefore, how can you reduce such risks. See our Hang on!! section) Auto Galaxy with vast experience of exporting to overseas buyers will give you extensive advice on how to purchase the right vehicle for you.

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