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Friday, 23 August 2013

Summer vacation 2013. Part 1

My wife and I made a trip to Hokkaido, the northern part of Japan, this summer. It was our second time to visit. Last summer, we visited the east part of the Hokkaido, purple part in the bottom of map below. This time, we visited the middle part of Hokkaido, blue area.
ファイル 50-1.gifMap of Hokkaido
The first day:
ファイル 50-2.jpgHaneda Airport
We took an airplane from Tokyo to Hokkaido. After we landed at New Chitose Airport, we visited Otaru where we had delicious Sushi. In Otaru, you can have fresh row fish from near seaport any season.
ファイル 50-3.jpgSushi
ファイル 50-4.jpgOtaru Canal
We enjoyed the Sushi very much. It had been more than 33 degrees in Tokyo; we expected cool weather in Hokkaido. However, our hope was totally broken. It was 32 degrees and hot but not so humid like Tokyo.

We stayed at a hotel in Tomamu which means desert land in the Ainu language. The Ainu are the native people of Hokkaido.
ファイル 50-5.jpg
This resort hotel is very famous for Unnkai, “sea of clouds”
It is an event of nature and can see early in the morning only.
ファイル 50-6.jpgUnnkai

We missed it this time and will try again sometime.

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