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Friday, 06 September 2013

Summer vacation 2013. Part 3

Day 3:
ファイル 52-8.jpgThe last day of our trip in middle part of Hokkaido, we visited the one of the famous zoos in Japan, Asahiyama Zoo. Why is it so famous? In August 2004, over 320,000 people visited the zoo, the second highest number of visitors among all the zoos in Japan.

Asahiyama Zoo is the northernmost zoo in Japan. That is not the main reason.
The zoo keeps about 400 animals and birds of 200 species, including polar bears, penguins, and spotted seals. They provide an environment where each animal can use their abilities and a space where each animal can relax. You can see their natural habitat.
ファイル 52-1.jpg ファイル 52-2.jpg ファイル 52-6.jpg ファイル 52-7.jpg ファイル 52-3.jpg
For example, at the seal aquarium, a vertical tube was installed for the seals to swim through. This is what the seals swim up and down or down to up when they search for their dinner, fish, between sheets of ice in the South Pole area where they originally came from.
ファイル 52-4.jpg ファイル 52-5.jpg
The most fun part is you can see animals up close. You can almost touch them.
We did not see them all because we had limited time. Actually, we visited half of the zoo. We hope we can go back sometime again in the near future.

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