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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Myanmar used car business in 2014

We celebrate the New Year in Japan. We take a long vacation this time of year.
I visited Myanmar this year. Direct flights from Yangon to Japan started last October. It takes about five and half hours.
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Over the last two years, the number of exported used vehicles from Japan to Myanmar has reached 130,000. This is second only to Russia with 160,000. Myanmar imported more used Japanese vehicles than Pakistan or the UAE.
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Toyota Camry, Mark X, Hilax, Pro Box and Townace are the most popular Japanese used vehicles in Myanmar.
Everyone wants these vehicles and the price of them has gone up.

I had some chances to meet major importers in Myanmar. Every one of them said same thing that they could not sell since last summer. Even they placed advertisement in the newspaper. There is much more supply than buyers demand. That is why the used vehicle cannot be sold.
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It seems take some time to stabilize the automobile business in Myanmar. However, I believe there will be a future between Myanmar and Japan.
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