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What is an F.O.B.?

F.O.B. stands for 'Free on board'. This is what we call all the costs that are incurred in transporting sold vehicles from our depot to the port of Yokohama, Japan. F.O.B. typically includes petrol money and wages for those transporting the vehicles. Depending on the vehicles' destination, other costs may be incurred such as those for a security inspection(JAAI, JEVIC etc.)prior to departure. These inspection fees are not included in F.O.B. price.

What is C&F?

C&F is what we call the cost of transporting your vehicle to its destination port plus the vehicle's F.O.B. price. Paying the C&F will cover all cost on the vehicle until it reaches its destination.

How can I pay?

Unfortunately we cannot accept cheques or international money orders. We only accept payment through secure band transfer to our account. Account details are available on request.

How much do I pay and when?

We ask all customers to pay 60% of the C&F to secure their vehicles. After receipt of this 60% is confirmed, your vehicle will be loaded onto it's vessel and leave Japan. After departure we will send you a copy of the BL, this is a document which proves that we have indeed send the vehicle and acts as your proof of purchase which will allow you to claim vehicle at the port of arrival. This document will detail the time of departure and arrival of your vehicle along with the essential information about the ship and docking. Once you receive this please transfer the remaining 40% of the balance to our accounts. The copy of the BL is not sufficient to pick up or collect your vehicle and bring it into the country. The purpose of it is to prove to the authorities that you are going to be the new owner and that we actually sent it. Once receipt of the remaining 40% is confirmed we will send you the original BL and all other documents which will allow you to collect your vehicle.

How long does a vessel to travel from Japan to the ports of Mombasa in Kenya, Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania and Durban, South Africa?

Usually it takes 25 to 30 days. It may take longer if the ship goes via Singapore. All customers are informed of the precise shipping schedules of all the vehicles they purchase.

Are the buses that appear in photos on your website actually in stock?

WYes, they are. All vehicles are ready for immediate shipping. Most transactions with Japan are conducted through the internet. Sadly, we often hear of dishonest exporters who possess no stock defrauding customers. As we buy vehicles directly from their original owners, our stock is up to date and carefully maintained. If you have any concerns over the reliability of a supplier, please consult your embassy in Tokyo who will be able to advise you. Alternatively, please refer to the article ' Hang On! Is your supplier OK? ' which is viewable from the menu on the left for advice on how to avoid suspicious dealers.

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